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5 Orthodontics Myths Busted

Woman Hiding SmileThere’s more to orthodontics than a lanky teen with a mouth full of metal. Don’t let the braces stereotypes come between you and the smile you’ve always wanted.

We’ve taken the time to bust a few common myths about orthodontics.

1) I have a low pain tolerance, I can’t get braces

When getting new braces put on, there are no shots and virtually no pain involved. While there is some discomfort initially after tightening your braces, pain is really quite mild and can be managed simply with over the counter medication like ibuprofen. In most cases, however, even this is not necessary. Removing your braces is as painless as installation!

2) I have to spend years as Metal Mouth for a straight smile

While even metal braces have improved over time with advances in technology, you don’t have to be a metal mouth to become a medal mouth. While traditional metal braces are still a great option, there are alternatives these days. Ceramic braces are closer to the color of your teeth and less noticeable. Often Invisalign can be a good option as well, employing clear, removable liners instead of braces and wires.

3) I didn’t get braces as a teen, now I’m too old old for a great smile

While it’s common to get braces as a teenager, there’s absolutely no reason not to improve your smile later in life. when you’re in a position to better afford it. Furthermore, improving your smile at any stage in life is a worth-while investment. An improved smile leads to improved confidence, and that can translate directly to better job performance. About 20 percent of our patients are adults; we’ve had patients all the way up to 70 years old get braces!

4) I can’t afford braces

While big orthodontic procedures like braces and veneers are not cheap, your smile is priceless. It can have a huge impact on not just your oral health but your confidence and wellbeing. We review your insurance policy to maximize your benefits and handle filing all the claims for you. Don’t let fears of having to pay out of pocket come between you and the smile you’ve always wanted. At Meyer Orthodontics, we have many financing options available to help you invest in your smile.

5) Whew, my braces are coming off. We’re done now!

While the hardest work is done by the time the braces come off, there’s still a necessary retention period to make sure your teeth stay in the position we put them in.

Some times this is accomplished by running a very small wire inside the teeth (don’t worry, no one can see it and you’ll hardly feel it). Some times a small removable retainer is also used — but it’s not the 1980’s anymore, you’ll only wear it while you’re sleeping, not in the lunch room.