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6 Reasons Choosing Meyer Orthodontics Will Keep You Smiling

Southeastern South Dakota is a wonderful place to call home, and we’re happy that as residents, we don’t have to drive far in any direction to find reputable, locally-owned businesses across all industries.

Orthodontic care is no exception. As you began your research of choosing an orthodontist, you’ve likely found that there’s no shortage of options in the area.

So what sets Meyer Orthodontics apart? We’d love to tell you!

Here are six reasons why choosing orthodontic care here at our Brookings office will keep you smiling.


1. Your First Exam is Free and We Have Flexible Pricing ??

When you first come into our office, we want to learn about you, your smile, and your orthodontic needs. Our goal is to make an accurate diagnoses for treatment, and to make sure you feel comfortable.

That’s why the initial consultation at Meyer Orthodontics is always free.

After your first visit, you’ll leave with all the information you need – including our estimates of length of treatment and cost. That way, you can go home and make a decision about the future of your orthodontic care.

After that, we have flexible payment plans to help finance your orthodontic treatment. At Meyer Orthodontics, we are transparent about the cost of your treatment throughout the whole process.

We can also file and submit for your orthodontic insurance benefits if you have that coverage. We are always happy to discuss payment options with you, such as using your FSA toward orthodontic treatment. 

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2. Our Staff is Pretty Cool ?

Meyer Orthodontics Staff in Brookings

We guarantee that you’ll feel comfortable in our office, thanks to our friendly and helpful staff!

We hire people who are here for more than just a job – our team truly enjoys helping our patients, making you laugh, and cheering you on along the braces journey.

Plus, Dr. Meyer is a longtime Brookings resident. He knows and loves his community. (Go Jacks!)

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3. Dr. Meyer is Board Certified ✔Board Certified orthodontist Dr. David Meyer

Did you know that only 13% of orthodontists in the United States are Board Certified?

Probably not, and that’s okay! Board Certified orthodontists have had a few more years of specialized schooling and have passed several additional exams. By choosing a Board Certified orthodontist, you can be sure you’re choosing the highest quality of orthodontic care.

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4. You Can Join Our Medal Mouth Club ?Medal Mouth Club

Upon completion of treatment, we award each of our patients a medal. We appreciate your commitment to staying on track with your treatment, and we love to recognize our patients for their hard work in taking care of their oral health.

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5. We Rarely Take Impressions of Teeth ?

You know that white gelatinous goop that you stick your teeth into to make your retainer?

Yeah, no thanks.

Instead of taking an impression with that sticky method, we usually can scan your teeth to obtain a 3D mold. This way is much more comfortable for our Brookings patients!

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6. We are Serious About Good Dental Health ✨

two toothbrushes

We’re here to help you take the best care of your teeth during your orthodontic treatment, so each new patient in braces receives an electric toothbrush to maintain good brushing habits throughout the process.

In addition, prior to placing the braces, we put a sealant onto your teeth which helps protect from potential decay or decalcification of the tooth enamel.

Finally, we know many of our younger patients are active in sports, so we offer orthodontic athletic mouth guards to protect your teeth and braces. These can even be reheated in the microwave for reshaping as your teeth move during treatment.

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