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Be Kind to Your Braces at Holiday Dinners

Eating with Braces During the HolidaysFall brings one holiday after another, wonderful opportunities to gather with friends and family, and tons of good food.

That can be tricky when you have braces. 

Eating with braces during the holidays takes a little extra planning. You might have to make a few concessions because of your braces at holiday dinners (sorry, no pecan pie), but there’s no reason you can’t still indulge.

What to Avoid

Unfortunately, some of the foods on the list that cause the most damage are also the most delicious. But this holiday season, you’ll need to avoid sweets like caramels, candy canes, peanut brittle, pecan pie and hard cookies if you have braces.

We promise, even one piece of pecan pie isn’t worth a broken wire or detached bracket on your braces.

At some houses, popcorn and cranberries are strung together and hung on Christmas trees. And that’s where those should stay. Popcorn kernels could cause damage to your braces, and cranberries may stain your teeth and braces — especially those with Invisalign.

Another item to avoid year-round is soda, but especially during the holidays when you’re already taking in a lot of rich, sugary foods. Sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities — two things you don’t want to deal with while you have braces.

Eat This Instead

For every food you should avoid with braces during the holiday season, there are just as many you can eat. You won’t even miss those candy canes and popcorn.

The main events, ham and turkey, are fair game for everyone with braces, and some of the best side dishes, like mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole and deviled eggs are all orthodontist-approved.

You don’t have to skip sweets altogether just because of your braces this holiday season. Instead of hard or chewy desserts, opt for pumpkin pie, brownies (without nuts, of course) or soft cookies.

Happy Holidays!

We don’t want to see you in our office after the holiday season with broken braces. If you’ve got any doubt about a food, ask yourself if it’s crunchy or chewy. If you answer yes, you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Enjoy the holiday season with your braces. You will have plenty to smile about!

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