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Biting Your Nails Is Worse Than You May Think

Biting your nails is really gross

Let’s be honest, nail biting is gross. But there are plenty more reasons why you shouldn’t do it!

Biting Your Nails is Bad for Your Health

Biting your nails is actually bad for your health. When you bite your nails, you’re putting your unwashed hands in your mouth. The very same hand you touch doorknobs, dirty shoes, and everything else with. It significantly raises your risk of catching a cold, flu, and other illnesses.

If you bite your nails down too far you open up wounds that can be prone to infection.

Nail biting can even lead to long term, even permanent damage to your nails. Chewing your nails now could lead to a funny looking nail for the rest of your life.

Nail Biting Causes Harm to Your Teeth

Chronic nail biting can be a problem for your oral health, too. Nail biting puts a lot of stress on your teeth. It causes premature wear on your teeth and can even lead to cracking or breaking.

Nail biters are also at greater risk for bruxism. That is unintentional clenching or grinding teeth. Bruxism symptoms include facial pain, headaches, sensitive teeth and can even lead to recessed gums and tooth loss.

Kick the Habit

Parents, here’s more reason to nag your kids about this habit! It’s easier to quit when you’re younger. And If you are a nail biter yourself, it’s time to stop! It’s not a harmless habit, and just isn’t worth it for the cost on your health.