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Busting 7 Myths about Orthodontic Care

There’s a lot of bologna out there on the web, so it’s good to be skeptical of what you read online.

By the way, did you know that Albert Einstein didn’t actually flunk math?

Ortho Myths Busted - Braces in Brookings

Just like that silly myth, there are a lot of myths surrounding orthodontic care and braces. At Meyer Orthodontics in Brookings, we want you to be prepared and informed before investing in your smile, so let’s get to the bottom of some of those myths.

We recently celebrated National Orthodontic Health Month, and we, along with the American Association of Orthodontists, love an opportunity to deliver information to the public.

Here are the seven myths that we’re busting.

Myth #1: Anyone who provides braces or clear aligners is an orthodontist.

When seeking orthodontic care, you have two options: You can visit a board certified orthodontist or a dentist offering orthodontic services.

But, these are not the same thing!

So, what’s the difference?

A board certified orthodontist undergoes several more years of training after dental school, and they must also achieve and maintain board certification.

Your orthodontist is a specialist, and has more training and experience to correct your misaligned bite than your general dentist. You wouldn’t go to your primary care doctor to set a complex bone fracture, so select a board certified orthodontist who has specialization in giving you your best smile.

Myth #2: Orthodontists are so expensive.

Each patient is different with unique needs and treatment plans. When you come into Meyer Orthodontics in Brookings, well give you a free examination and let you know the cost of your treatment.

We know that all healthcare costs can add up, so we have several financing options for our patients. We will work with you to maximize your benefits and your insurance.

Remember, a long-lasting, healthy smile is only created by the specialized service of a professional orthodontist. Don’t gamble on your teeth!

Myth #3: Office visits are not necessary to get straight teeth.

It’s very important to schedule regular office visits with both your orthodontist and dentist. Your dentist will check for cavities and perform cleaning, while your orthodontist will monitor the movement of your teeth and jaw and evaluate your teeth and gum health.

If a problem arises during your orthodontic care, you’ll benefit from your orthodontist’s timely action – as long as you’re seeing him regularly. 

Myth #4: Orthodontic treatment takes years.

The controlled application of constant, gentle forces is what gets the job done – and that takes time.

Of course, the treatment time depends on your specific needs and wants. Are you looking for a short-term cosmetic touch up, or do you need a complete bite correction? Whichever it is, your board certified orthodontist has the skills to deliver great results in the least amount of time possible. 

The AAO warns about quick-fix claims:

“Take advertised claims about orthodontic treatment completed in a few months with a grain of salt. Many times, such treatment is aimed at moving some of the front teeth, without correcting the bite. This could severely alter the way the teeth fit together and lead to abnormal wear and tear. Trust your AAO orthodontist to realistically estimate the amount of time needed to create a beautiful and healthy smile.”

Myth #5: Orthodontic treatment is only cosmetic.

Braces in Brookings

It may seem that way – but when you get braces, you get so much more than a beautiful smile!

When we align your teeth and jaws, this improve your overall function as well, including biting, chewing, and speaking.


Myth #6: Orthodontists only offer braces.

Orthodontists have a wide range of education and experience, so we can offer much more than just braces.

This includes appliances such as many types of available braces (standard, ceramic, gold-colored, behind the teeth), and clear aligners and removable retainers. 

Here in Brookings, we’ll recommend the right appliance and treatment for your individual needs.

Myth #7: Orthodontic treatment is just for kids.

Anyone can benefit from treatment, including teens and even adults! Once your adult teeth have come in, there’s no wrong age to get braces.

In fact, some adults may have experienced gum disease or prior dental work that necessitates orthodontic treatment. Schedule a free consultation today and we’ll let you know how we can help.


Now that we’ve taken care of that, you can move forward with confidence knowing that your board certified orthodontist at Meyer Orthodontics in Brookings will provide the best, most specialized care possible for your individual needs.

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