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Do Braces Affect Your Speech?

Do Braces Affect Your Speech?Nervous patients often ask us how braces are going to affect their speech. Having braces in your mouth does take some getting used to, but the good news is that braces are not like having a mouth full of marbles.

Most of the Time, Braces Don’t Impact Speech

At first, your mouth will definitely feel different with braces.

It will take a little time to get used to the feeling of metal (or another material) between your teeth and lips. While it feels different, most patients don’t notice significant changes to how they speak.

Gwen Stefani had braces fitted and didn’t skip a beat, and she makes a living with her voice! Within a couple days, you should be quite used to them and you’ll love the results.

Cases Where Speech is Affected

In some cases, orthodontic treatment can help overcome speech impediments that are caused by misalignment. Wide spaces can cause lisping. In other cases, some bites can prevent proper lip closure resulting in other speech problems.

Closing large gaps or significantly improving occlusion with braces can actually improve your speech. Of course this will take some adjustment, but it’s a gradual change and is something those patients can really look forward to!

Adjustments to Expect With Braces

For most patients, the biggest change you’ll have to get used to is sensitivity on you tongue, lips and cheeks where the braces have contact. We’ll give you wax to apply to your braces, and using it will improve your experience significantly. Use it generously, we’ll gladly give you more as you need it!

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