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Elastics Do More Than Add Color to Your Smile

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Unless you have braces, you probably think about rubber bands very little. But for people with braces, elastics are an important part of daily life.

And while they can come in fun colors to adorn your smile, these elastics are a serious piece of equipment.


Two Kinds of Elastics and How They Work

Braces are surprisingly complicated, made of many pieces working together. Elastics are just one piece of your braces.

It all starts with the (usually metal) brackets holding your teeth. Those are connected with archwire, which directs your teeth where we want them to go.

Ligatures hold that archwire in place. These are probably the elastics that first come to mind, as they are the colored bands that surround each bracket.

Some patients are also set up with interarch rubber bands. These connect the top brackets to the bottom and are used to adjust your bite and jaw position during orthodontic treatment.

Unlike ligatures, which are replaced during your visit to the orthodontist, interarch rubber bands need to be replaced daily. You should also take them out when you eat and brush your teeth.

Everyone’s Treatment is Different

Not everyone who wears braces will need interarch rubber bands – it all depends on your jaw alignment and your personal treatment.

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