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How to Keep Your Toothbrush (+ Your Mouth) Clean

A clean toothbrush

Is there any fresher relief than rolling out of bed in the morning and immediately brushing all of the garbage taste (morning breath) out of your mouth?

It’s such a good (and better tasting) feeling to start your day with fresh breath. But, although it feels better, your mouth may not actually be that much cleaner if you haven’t been taking good care of your toothbrush.

In fact, your toothbrush may be bringing a lot of bacteria friends along when you invite it into your mouth – more than 100 million of them, including E coli and fecal germs! 

Do you really need to be convinced to follow these tips for a cleaner toothbrush? We’re guessing not.

Tips for Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

Perhaps you haven’t thought twice about some of these things before – but now you will! Here are some good habits to follow.

Rinse Your Mouth ?

Many people use an antibacterial mouthwash after they brush their teeth, but it’s actually a better idea to do it beforehand. This will help reduce the amount of bacteria that goes from your mouth and onto your brush (and back into your mouth next time).

Soak Your Brush ?

After giving your mouth some sparkly-clean loving, it’s a good idea to soak your toothbrush in antibacterial mouthwash after you brush. This will kill bacteria and prevent more from growing. Also, you can soak new toothbrushes before using them.

Close the Toilet Lid ?

Let’s be real, this is gross – but that’s why you NEED to do it! When you flush the toilet, fecal matter and germs can really travel and possibly end up on your toothbrush nearby. There’s a lot of good reasons to close the lid before you flush; this is one of the most important.

Don’t Use a Cover ?

You might think that storing your toothbrush in a cover keeps the germs away, but actually it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Instead of trapping moisture inside the plastic cover, toss that thing in the garbage can and store your toothbrush in an upright position in open air.

Get a New Toothbrush Often ⚡

Why do you think your orthodontist and dentist always give you a brand new toothbrush? Because we want you to use it! You should definitely replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months, and always after you’ve had an illness that’s spread through saliva.

Keep Your Oral Health a Priority

Maybe you’ve realized that you need to create some better toothbrushing habits. (Many people do!) If you have more questions or concerns about your oral health, schedule a free consultation with us today.