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Why You Should Bring Your Child in for Observation Visits

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It can be hard to know when you should bring your child to see a board-certified orthodontist.  You may even think that you shouldn’t consider orthodontic care until all of your child’s permanent teeth are in – but that’s actually not the case.

It’s beneficial to bring your child in for observation visits while they are still young. These periodic visits, which include x-rays and photos, keep close watch on the development of the teeth, face, and jaw.

Here’s why you should schedule a Brookings orthodontic observation visit for your child once or twice a year.

Why Observation Visits are Necessary

As your child grows, a board-certified orthodontist can monitor changes in preparation for the big day that may one day arrive – actually getting braces.

In the meantime, your orthodontist will look for:

  1. whether or not baby teeth are being lost on schedule
  2. if permanent teeth are coming in correctly
  3. proper development of the upper and lower jaws
  4. if permanent teeth have enough room to come in

If treatment is deemed necessary for a developing problem, having regular observation visits will help determine when the best time is to begin the treatment.

What Treatment Might be Needed

Treatment doesn’t always mean braces. This could include a different type of available appliance, pulling a stubborn tooth at the right time, or intervention to stop a thumb-sucking habit.

Board-certified orthodontists know what time of treatment is needed and when, which is why scheduling regular observation visits is so beneficial to your child’s oral and cranial-facial health. If your orthodontist recommends it, please do continue having your child seen periodically so he or she can have the best results from their treatment!

And remember – while we definitely want you and your child to visit the dentist regularly, you don’t need to wait for your dentist’s recommendation to make an orthodontic appointment.

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