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Should You Floss or Brush First?

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Many people think that as long as they brush their teeth twice a day, they’re doing enough to maintain good oral hygiene.

But recent research from the Oral Health Foundation confirms otherwise – the best way to clean your teeth is to floss and then brush. If you aren’t already in the habit of flossing your teeth before brushing, consider implementing this into your routine.

Flossing First

You might be wondering if it really matters which you do first, as long as you do floss regularly.

The study found that it really does matter. When you floss before brushing your teeth, you loosen food and bacteria from between the teeth, which makes it easier for your brush to remove plaque.

There are many surfaces to your teeth, and brushing alone cannot clean them all. That’s why it’s necessary to floss before picking up the toothbrush in order to achieve the healthiest oral hygiene possible.

Fluoride and Flossing

Another reason that it’s advantageous to floss prior to brushing is because the fluoride in your toothpaste is more likely to remain in your mouth afterwards.

As a reminder, fluoride is a natural mineral that  protects your teeth against decay. If you aren’t already using a toothpaste that contains fluoride, you should be! Learn why here.

Flossing with Braces

Again, if flossing isn’t a regular part of your oral hygiene routine, we implore you to make it one.

We cannot stress enough how important flossing and brushing is to your health, along with maintaining a low-sugar diet and visiting your dentist regularly. 

If you have braces and aren’t sure how to effectively floss, don’t worry – we’ve covered that for you. In fact, it’s especially important to floss during orthodontic care.

If you have any concerns about your oral health or questions about dental cleaning with braces, don’t hesitant to contact us. And remember, your first consultation visit at Meyer Orthodontics in Brookings is free.