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How Dental Fillings Affect Orthodontic Treatment

Dental work + orthodontics = a healthy smile.

You’ve (hopefully) been visiting your dentist regularly for your entire life, but maybe you’ve just recently started considering an orthodontist visit.

Unlike dental work, orthodontic work is a process that only lasts for a short period of your lifetime, but both types of work share a common goal – healthy, beautiful, and well-functioning oral health. 

So how do dental work and orthodontics work together? Can you even get braces if you have fillings? Do you still need to go to the dentist while you have braces on?

These are great – and common – questions that we’re ready to tackle!

How Fillings Affect Braces

No worries – you can still get a straight smile even if you have fillings from past cavities.

In fact, having orthodontic work done can prevent future cavities and fillings down the road. With crooked teeth, you may be unable to reach some crevices with a toothbrush, which then allows bacteria to grow and cavities to form. That’s when your dentist stepped in and filled the cavities to prevent further tooth decay.

After braces, you’ll be able to brush and floss each tooth more thoroughly, decreasing the likelihood of future cavities.

However, You Might Need Spacers

Occasionally, a larger filling may create an obstacle for the brackets and wires. Your board-certified orthodontist will work around this by spacing out the teeth so the brackets can be properly aligned.

The bands used for spacings are metal or rubber, and they stay in between your teeth throughout treatment. This ensures properly spacing between your teeth once your braces are off.

There are a lot of contributing factors to a healthy smile!

Dental Care With Braces

At Meyer Orthodontics, we prefer that our patients be caught up on their dental work before you start orthodontic treatment. Once your braces are on, your dentist will have a more difficult time doing any necessary dental work.

For the duration of your orthodontic treatment, you still need to have regular cleanings by your dentist – however, he or she will modify the cleaning process until your braces are off.

Caring for Your Teeth and Cavity Concerns

Brushing and flossing is always so important, and you still need to do it with braces. Flossing is a bit more difficult, but we’ll teach you the tricks!

Since you’ll be in our Brookings office pretty frequently, any dental issues won’t go unnoticed, so it’s unlikely you’ll develop a cavity while you have braces. However, if it does happen, we’ll take the proper steps to get it taken care of right away.

We may need to remove a bracket or two for your dentist to do the filling, but it’s a quick process and won’t affect your treatment.

Consider Braces at an Earlier Age

If your child needs braces, it’s a good idea to have them sooner rather than later. That’s because once all of their adult teeth have grown in, they will not have had any fillings yet. Also, children have softer jaws, so that will contribute to a faster treatment time.

If you’re an adult considering braces, just make sure to take care of any cavities beforehand.

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