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What is the Best Age to Bring Your Child to an Orthodontist?

Why You Should Not Wait for Permanent Teeth Before Bringing Your Child to an Orthodontist

People often think of seeing an orthodontists only after all permanent teeth have come in. Actually, it’s best to have your child see an orthodontist as early as 7 to 9 years old. 

At this early age, enough permanent adult teeth have come in to detect many common bite problems. If orthodontic treatment is necessary, we can often begin treatment even while your child’s primary teeth are still in.

This first phase aims to enable correct biting and chewing, correct harmful habits, and prevent a more serious problem from occurring. Sometimes with early detection and treatment, braces may not even be needed later.

Sometimes early correction is necessary, however. While it may seem counterintuitive to seek orthodontic care while the majority of a child’s teeth are not permanent consider this: proper alignment and placement of the initial permanent teeth can help promote proper alignment of the rest of the teeth as they come in.

On the other hand, waiting until all permanent teeth have come in and settled into place before seeing an orthodontist means we may have a lot more correcting to do!

Common Bite Problems We Look For

Common bite problems to watch out for

  • Overjet — Upper front teeth protrude
  • Deep bite — Upper front teeth cover lower front teeth too much
  • Underbite — Lower front teeth protrude
  • Open bite — Back teeth are together with space between the front teeth
  • Crowding — Upper and/or lower teeth are crowded
  • Excess spacing — There is excess space between teeth
  • Mid-line misalignment — Mid-lines of upper and lower arches do not line up
  • Crossbite — Upper back teeth fit inside lower teeth

Come In for a Free Consultation

A trained orthodontist can spot these problems before a child’s teeth have come in. At Meyer Orthodontics, we’re pleased to offer a free consultation in Brookings or Madison.

If your child needs short or long term orthodontic treatment, we can put together a plan. If your child doesn’t have any signs of orthodontic problems…free is a price for peace of mind you can’t beat!