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Too Busy for Braces?

Getting braces may be less of a time commitment than you expect.

Maybe you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment. You’ve done the research, considered the financing options, and you know what to expect.

But you’re busy. You simply don’t have time to add orthodontic appointments into your already hectic schedule. Between work, cheering on the Bobcats and the Jacks, and running your kids around Brookings, it’s hard to find extra time.

Life moves at a fast pace; we get it.

However, orthodontic treatment may be less of a time commitment than you realize. In fact, as treatment has progressed over the years, you might be surprised as to how infrequently your treatment will affect your schedule.

How Advances in Technology Affect Your Schedule

Thanks to the materials used in today’s orthodontic treatment, appointments typically happen in six to ten week intervals.

It’s all about the cutting-edge wires.

In the past, the wires – which do the work of moving your teeth – tended to stretch out after a couple of weeks. That meant patients had to return to the orthodontist to have them tightened so the wires kept doing their job of applying constant pressure to the teeth.

Now, wires are engineered to provide gentle pressure over time without stretching out as quickly. That means fewer trips to the orthodontist! 

Remember, at Meyer Ortho, we plan your treatment to happen in the most effective and efficient way possible.

When You Do Need to Visit

It’s still very important that we monitor your orthodontic progress, so you’ll still have to come in occasionally. We’ll keep an eye on tooth movement and your overall oral health during your treatment.

Of course, if an issue arises between visits, please do schedule an appointment. Problems like loose wires or broken brackets that aren’t addressed can actually prolong your treatment (and potentially take up more of your time.)

A Team Effort

Our goal is for you to have a healthy, beautiful smile with as little stress as possible.

However, this is a team effort – we’re pretty good, but we can’t do it without your help. Make your visits a priority, and you’ll be surprised to find they aren’t as time consuming as you might think.

Plus, that first Brookings consultation on your calendar is free! Whether it’s for yourself or your child, schedule a consultation at no cost.