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Top 3 Reasons You Should Get Your Braces At An Orthodontist, Not a Grocery Store

Your smile is best left in the hands of a board certified orthodontistWhen we first learned about people giving themselves braces, we were shocked… the thought that you could walk into a grocery store, buy a rubber band and do what takes us years of intense training to learn is preposterous.

Whether or not you should give yourself braces may very well be the exception that proves the rule there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Of course, nobody walks into our office and asks if they should give themselves braces. There are very few people who would be so reckless with their health. But we are often asked what the risks are. I can’t believe we’re writing this, but…

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons Not to Give Yourself Braces With a Rubber Band

1. If You’re Lucky, It Just Won’t Work

Perhaps the most obvious risk of DIY braces is failure. In most cases, this is your best case scenario. You put up with discomfort for weeks only to have accomplished nothing. But you also run the very real risk of making your teeth worse.

We, actual orthodontists, apply a great deal of math, science and medicine to every little adjustment we make. That’s how we insure teeth end up where they’re supposed to.

Guesswork isn’t science! There are a lot of uses for rubber bands, orthodontics isn’t one of them.

2. You Could Lose Teeth

When applying an orthodontic treatment, your teeth are being put under a lot of stress. Board certified orthodontists have years of education, allowing us to intelligently and purposefully balance that stress and tension with oral safety and relative comfort.

Without knowing what you’re doing, you can destabilize your teeth and damage the attachment between your teeth and gums. Your teeth could fall out, or even die in place leaving your smile utterly disgusting–worse off than before you started.


3. You’ll Probably Get An Infection… and Then Lose Teeth

The most common, and nearly certain, risk when placing rubber bands in your mouth willy nilly is infection. As your teeth move, especially if they move too quickly, they can tear your gums.

There is also a very great risk that the rubber bands will roll up along the roots of your teeth. The rubber band will strip the fiber attachments from the bone and gum tissue to the teeth, leaving your teeth floating in a pool of infection with no support.

Even if you are lucky enough to not lose your teeth, it will require significant gum surgery to go in to find and dig out the buried rubber band.

Your teeth and gums are, of course, connected to your blood supply. Infection can spread further, leading to loss of teeth, dead teeth, or worse. It could end up taking a whole on your overall health.

Just Don’t Do It.

A board-certified orthodontist can give you a better smile and peace of mind while he does it. Both are important for a long term smile and health! So save your rubber bands for other things and only trust your smile to a professional orthodontist. If you’re in the Brookings or Madison areas, come see us, we’d be happy to give you a free consultation.