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Trust Your Smile to a Board Certified Orthodontist in South Dakota

Only trust your smile to a board certified orthodontist

So you’re looking for a better smile and want to find the best option? You should always look local first. You will be visiting your orthodontist relatively often, at least monthly, and you won’t want to make a long trip for it. You also want to know they’re easily accessible in case of an emergency, where you can’t make an appointment weeks in advance. How do you make sure you find the best orthodontist in your area?

When you are looking for a local orthodontist, your options can be confusing. It may appear you have more options to choose from than there are good options. This is especially true in smaller communities where orthodontists are few and far between and dentists offer orthodontic services to fill the gap. This is not a good option for orthodontic patients. Dentists offering these orthodontic services usually have done little more than attend a weekend meeting or two to learn the basics of the orthodontic process. They do not have the advanced knowledge necessary to properly diagnose and plan treatment of bad bite.

When you are considering who to go to for orthodontic services, the first question you should ask is if they are a Board Certified Orthodontist. After completing dental school, a board certified orthodontist undergoes years of specialized training, is subjected to multiple examinations and peer review to achieve their certification. They must also continue their orthodontic education and submit to certification renewal every 10 years.

Orthodontic board certification is your assurance your smile is in good hands. You just have no way of telling the level of experience a dentist has with orthodontic care. If your dentist offers you orthodontic services, politely decline and look for an orthodontist. And remember: You don’t need a referral from a dentist for orthodontic services.

Dr. Meyer is the only full time Orthodontist in Brookings, SD and the only board certified orthodontist in South Dakota providing services in Madison, South Dakota. If you’re looking for a local board certified orthodontist, look no further! Call or stop in today for a free consultation.