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What are the different kinds of braces?

Fixed braces and a big smile

Metal fixed braces are the most common type of braces

We are often asked what kinds of braces are available, or if there’s just one. There are many different kinds of braces that we can work with to fit your age, lifestyle and budget.

The most common type of braces are fixed braces. These are braces you glue onto the outside of your teeth. Of all the types of braces, these work the most efficiently.

For kids, we usually recommend silver fixed braces, which we call the standard issue. These are reliable, durable and work great. They’re fun, too, because you can change the color ties on them every six weeks when you come in for your appointment.

Fixed braces are great for adults, too. For those who are concerned about having metal braces for personal or professional reasons, we can offer ceramic braces or clear braces. They work the same way as silver fixed braces but they’re less visible. These are a bit thicker than metal braces, so we usually only recommend them for adults. They move teeth a little more slowly, so expect to add just a couple months to your total treatment time.

Lingual braces are another option. These braces go on the backside of your teeth instead of the front. While lingual braces are more discrete than the other options, they do come with their own drawbacks.

They’re harder to adjust than other braces and can get in the way of your tongue when talking and eating. Finally, lingual braces are considerably more expensive. For these reasons, we do not offer lingual braces at Meyer Orthodontics.

Finally, for minor orthodontic adjustments, we can provide a series of clear mouthpiece-type retainers, such as the popular brand Invisalign. As the name implies, these are nearly invisible. They also provide for superior oral hygiene, since you can easily remove them yourself each time your brush your teeth.

Patients change these retainers out every three weeks, and the guards gradually but effectively shift their teeth around. These work really well for minor treatments, but are challenging to use on more serious cases.

Of course, only a board certified orthodontist can tell you the best course of treatment for your smile. Come to Meyer Orthodontics in Brookings, SD or Madison, SD and for a free consultation with Doctor David Meyer.