Dentist V. Board Certified Orthodontist

Only Trust Your Smile To A Board Certified  Orthodontist.

What is a board certified orthodontist?If you need braces or other orthodontic care, there are two places to seek these services. You can visit a Board Certified Orthodontist or a Dentist Offering Orthodontic Services. Make no mistake, however, these are not the same thing.

In order to be a board certified orthodontist, a dentist must undergo 2-3 additional years of training in addition to achieving and maintaining board certification. While an orthodontists has undergone all the same dental training as a dentist, not all dentists have undergone the training of a board certified orthodontist.

While dentists may do some cosmetic work, only a board certified orthodontist is trained in proper diagnosis and development of treatment plans for total treatment of bad bite.

Dr. Meyer is a board certified orthodontist who has practiced full-time in Brookings, SD for more than thirty years. He is also the only orthodontist providing services in Madison, SD. Call or stop in today for a free consultation.

Orthodontist Versus Dentist – What’s the Difference?

  Dentist Orthodontist Board Certified Orthodontist
Undergraduate program for Dental School (2-4yrs) Yes Yes Yes
Pass Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) Yes Yes Yes
Accredited Dental School (3-4yrs) Yes Yes Yes
National & State Licensing Exams Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Accredited Orthodontic Program No Yes Yes
Orthodontic Residence (2-3 yrs) No Yes Yes
Completion of ABO Written Exam No No Yes
Case Submission at Clinical Exam No No Yes
Peer Review No No Yes
Certification, renewal every 10 years No No Yes