Dentist V. Orthodontist

Only Trust Your Smile To A Orthodontist.

If you need braces or other orthodontic care, there are several places to seek these services. We encourage each individual patient to explore the options and decide what is right for them. However, we hope all our patients are well-informed before making a decision regarding your oral health.

Here are a few helpful facts about the Professional Dental differences to help guide your process:

1. Training: In order to be a certified orthodontist, a dentist must undergo 2-3 additional years of training. While an orthodontist has undergone all the same dental training as a dentist, not all dentists have undergone the training of an orthodontist.

2. Treatment Planning: While dentists may do some cosmetic work, only an orthodontist is trained in proper diagnosis and development of treatment plans for the alignment and function of your teeth.

3. Long-Term Outcomes: An orthodontist’s approach is centered around choosing the right treatment option that will help you achieve your desired result while providing outcomes that will last a lifetime.

4. Beyond Straightening: Care from an Orthodontist often goes beyond straightening teeth. A well-trained Orthodontist can help to identify early treatment needs, orthopedic changes, facial irregularities, and more.

Orthodontist Versus Dentist – What’s the Difference?

  Dentist Orthodontist
Undergraduate program for Dental School (2-4yrs) Yes Yes
Pass Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) Yes Yes
Accredited Dental School (3-4yrs) Yes Yes
National & State Licensing Exams Yes Yes
Competitive Accredited Orthodontic Program No Yes
Orthodontic Residence (2-3 yrs) No Yes

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