Virtual Consult

We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about your smile and the potential to make some improvements. We have outlined the ideal way to snap photos of your teeth and bite so you can have a complimentary virtual consultation with Dr. Paul. Just follow the three steps below!

Step One: Capture Your Photos

  1. Wash your hands before starting to take the photos. If you feel more comfortable you can try using a spoon rather than your fingers.
  2. Using your fingers retract your cheeks and bite down in your normal bite so we can see your teeth from the front.
  3. Retract your cheeks and bite down in your normal bite and take the photo from the left and right side so we can see your back teeth from the side. The more you can get your cheek out of the way the better, so we can see all the back teeth.
  4. Tilt your head down and take a photo of your bottom teeth from a birds-eye view. 
  5. Tilt your head up and take a photo of your upper teeth from a worms-eye view.

Feel free to watch the video above for a tutorial from Dr. Paul on how to take these photos or this video below.

Step Two: Send Your Photos

Email your captured photos to and be sure to include you and your child’s names, phone number, and your chief concern so we can reach out for the next steps. We will likely schedule a FaceTime call if you have an iPhone or will send you a Zoom link for video conferencing.

Step Three: Do Virtual Consultation

After we review your photos and meet with you via video call, we are able to provide you a preliminary treatment plan and financial options. As always, if you prefer an in-person consultation, you can schedule at our front desk during regular business hours.