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All About Rubber Bands

If you’re a veteran of life with braces, your orthodontist may have told you to wear little rubber bands from your top teeth to your bottom teeth. You may be wondering what these bands actual do!

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How to Gradually and Safely Resume Treatment

Governor Noem has updated her Executive Order for health care professionals and advises following CDC guidelines. For us, that means we are able to resume orthodontic treatment but we will be putting some strict guidelines into place to ensure the safety and health of all of our patients, visitors, and staff.

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Closed for Non-Emergencies: Until Further Notice

With our governor recommending that all healthcare organizations including dental providers follow CDC guidelines, we will be closed until further notice for non-emergency cases. At the moment, the governor has advised closing until May 31st, but noted that she may recommend opening up sooner or staying closed longer as the situation progresses.

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Closing for Regular Appointments: March 23 – April 3

Update: We will be closing our doors for regular scheduled appointments beginning March 23 – April 3 (subject to be lengthened), per the recommendation of our state and federal agencies. For emergencies or any concerns in the meantime, please email info@bracesbymeyer.com or call our office during the hours of 10am-3pm. Dr. Paul will be available to address these concerns or to do a virtual consultation. The health of our patients and staff is our priority, as well as lessening the load on our health care system. Thank you for being understanding! Be well!

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Updates from Dr. Paul – Covid-19

With the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic, I wanted to update you on changes we are making to Meyer Orthodontics and our appointment protocol. Know that these changes are being made to help protect our patients and staff.

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A Letter from Dr. Paul: Covid-19

With the first cases being reported of Covid 19 in South Dakota, you may be wondering how this affects Meyer Orthodontics and our patients. As always, the health and safety of our patients and staff comes first.

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Dr. Paul Meyer’s Journey to Meyer Orthodontics

Dr. Paul Meyer was born in Brookings and is a true Bobcat at heart. Since his time growing up in Brookings, he has received the best in dental and orthodontic education at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and the Mayo Clinic Orthodontic Residency Program. Learn more about his journey in our new video.

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Meet Dr. Paul Meyer

This July, we welcome Dr. Paul Meyer to the Meyer Orthodontics team! Paul Meyer is a Brookings native and youngest son of Dr. David Meyer. […]

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Tips for a Clean Retainer

A girl with a clean retainer

You wouldn’t consider not brushing your teeth, yet many people go days – or even weeks – without cleaning their retainers. It is extremely important […]

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